Discover How Creating a Vision Board Can Change Everything!


  • My life was in a holding pattern or stuck on an icy runway. 

  • I had a vision but let other people talk me out of my vision and my dreams.

  • As a leader, I achieved many goals that I was expected to complete, but I personally did not care to set my own goals.

  • When I did set a goal, I put an action plan in writing, but wasn’t confident enough to really implement it or gave up when I thought my family resented the time I was going after my goals.


A few years ago, a fellow colleague hosted a vision board workshop and my heart skipped a beat at the price.  I wanted to say yes, but fear and cost was holding me back, but I decided to swallow my fear, pay the price and say yes.  That day literally changed my life.

Moving forward, about a year later I found my old vision board hidden in the back of my basement and finally understood why my vision board never made sense to me; it was messy and unorganized.  It was a lot of words and things that I wanted, but there was absolutely no clarity, no call to action, plan or organization.  It was stuff cut out of a magazine with no depth.  

Today, I am helping people create unstoppable vision boards that make sense, have an organized call to action plan.  More importantly, you will recognize


  • There is not a deadline on achieving your dreams

  • You can make your vision a reality when you can see the plan

Vision Board Testimonial

Vision Board Testimonial

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Vision Board Retreats 


  • Vision Board Beach Weekend Retreat 3 day, 2 nights (most popular)

  • One Day Local Retreat

  • Couples Vision Plan Retreat

  • Mother Daughter Retreat

  • Individual Retreat

  • Team Builders One Day Retreat


What you can expect to experience

  • Transformation

  • Empowerment

  • Action Plan

  • Breakthrough results

  • Six month follow up


Wear Comfortable Clothing

All Vision Board Supplies Included 


Vision Board Beach Weekend Retreat 3 days, 2 nights (Limit 3)

Mother Daughter Beach Weekend Retreat, 3 days, 2 nights (Limit 3)

Girls Weekend/Mother Daughter(s) at a local beach cottage in the Outer Banks, NC - offered September - May

  • Arrive Friday, Getting Acquainted, Sightseeing, Beach time

  • Saturday, One Day Vision Board Planning and Creation, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (included)

  • Goal setting, strategizing, brainstorming

  • Depart Sunday 10am


One Day Local Retreat (Limit 12)

Mother Daughter(s) Retreat 

Individual Retreat

  • Vision Board Planning am

  • Vision Board Creation pm

  • Lunch included


Couples Vision Retreat (limit 3 couples)

  • One Day or Beach Weekend Retreat - local and out of state

  • Understand the goals independently and together

  • Create a Vision Plan for short and long term goal planning

  • Breakthrough results


The Team Builders Vision Board One Day Retreat

Having a clear action plan to solidify your team goals is essential to every person who wants to have balance and family harmony in work, home and life.  The Team Builder’s Vision Board Workshop is a one-day Retreat that will help you understand what is important to you, visually understand the goals you are seeking to achieve and a starting focal blueprint to know how to start. 


This Team Building Vision Board Retreat will enhance the core values and mission with an actionable roadmap to success.

Basic Agenda for One Day Retreats

8:50am     Light Refreshments,

9:00 am   Team Building Exercise

10:00 am Break

10:10am  Vision Board Strategy Session

Noon         Lunch Included

12:45pm  Vision Board Blueprint

2:30pm     Break

2:40pm     Wrap Up

3:00pm     Close