Discover How Creating a Vision Board Can Change Everything

  • My life was in a holding pattern or stuck on icy runway. 

  • I had a vision but let other people talk me out of my vision and my dreams.

  • As a leader, I achieved many goals that I was expected to complete, but I personally did not care to set my own goals.

  • When I did set a goal, I put an action plan in writing, but wasn’t confident enough to really implement it or gave up when I thought my family resented the time I was going after my goals.


Two years ago, a friend hosted a vision board workshop and my heart skipped a beat at the price.  I wanted to say yes, but fear and cost was holding me back, but I decided to swallow my fear, pay the price and say yes.  That day literally changed my life.

Last year, I found my old vision board hidden in the back of my basement and finally understood why my vision board never made sense to me; it was messy and unorganized.  It was a lot of words and things that I wanted, but clarity and the action plan was missing.

Today, I am helping people create vision boards that make sense, have an organized plan and what I discovered in the process is:  

  • There is not a deadline on achieving your dream

  • You can make your vision a reality when you can see the plan

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