Coach, Mentor, Educate 

Business, Leadership & Nutrition


Do you have deep rooted passion for what you love to do?  When you are building a business, you hold  many roles in your business from answering the phone, preparing social media, finding the right connections, seeking referrals, networking and building relationship to completing the job and getting paid. 

Sounds daunting when you think about everything you are trying to do in one day.  In my Coaching practice of business and leadership, I am helping people just like you create harmony, balance and control. Together we create practical solutions and strategies that help you reveal your greatest resources that brings in income.  


When you made the commitment  to become a business owner, you essentially entered into your marriage vow because being in business has the same attributes as marriage.  It requires work, being faithful, and spending quality time while building your business.  It doesn't come with a manual, but it does grow with experience.  As your coach, I am truly committed to helping you reveal the best of you.  


I offer a 30 minute complimentary Strategy call and you can Connect with me here.

Six Month Coaching Commitment - 12 conversations

  • 30 minute Connection Call

  • Virtual or In-Person (local)

  • Two calls - monthly

One Year Coaching Commitment - 24 conversations

  • 30 minute Connection Call

  • Virtual or In-Person (local)

  • Two Calls - monthly

  • Research and Support Resources



Nutrition, Health, Wellness - Eat to Live

When you are coaching and mentoring with me, we truly are a team.  Together, we design a plan that is conducive to your lifestyle and there are no crazy ingredients or special products you will need to purchase.  I do not conform to any specific type of plans because they are hard to maintain and I do not encourage weight loss products to support your journey. 


Good nutrition is learning how to Eat to Live for your health.  It is not how skinny you are, the number on the scale or what clothing size you wear, it truly is about feeling good about you and regaining your energy to live the life you desire.

To learn more about my Eat to Live Nutrition Plan, Connect with me and let's set up your personalized call and chat about your Eat to Live journey.

Organic Nutrition Coaching

Six Month Coaching Commitment - 12 conversations and weekly check-ins

30 Minute Connection Call

  • Virtual or In-Person (local)

  • In Depth Food Planning - (no company programs)

  • Weekly Updates

  • Suggested Recipes

  • No calorie counting

  • Additional Services provided at additional cost.

    • Ingredients for Your Body Education

    • Menu Planning

    • Grocery Store Shopping