You're Not Crazy. Your Symptoms Are Real

Do you have symptoms that are mysteriously showing up since March? Can’t figure out what’s wrong? Something doesn’t feel right? Tired, overstimulated, sluggish, joint pain, stiffness, irritability, lethargic, moody, itchy, swelling, bloating and the list can go on.

The body is not designed to ingest alcohol topically multiple times a day. Think about the effects of ingesting alcoholic beverages long term when you are addicted to alcohol and how it affects your organs, mind and how it ages you from the inside out.

Topically putting alcohol on your hands has somewhat of the same effect. Hear me out on this before you scoff.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. What you put into it is being absorbed into your organs however it is not being excreted out the same as food excrets.

Hand sanitizers are not being rinsed off like soap is and adding layers upon layers can eventually kill and damage your immune system. This is factual and is exactly what an infectious disease doctor told me years ago after my immune system was completely compromised.

Think forward. Now your layered hand sanitized hands are laying on top of chemicals that are being used on shopping carts, door knobs, light switches, grocery store belts and more. The belt the cashier just sprayed to protect you is now layered with chemicals. Your groceries are laying on the belt that was sanitized and those chemicals are now on your food products, produce, meats, dairy and fresh breads, prepared foods. You buy it, chemicals are covering it and even the areas of the groceries that were not touching the belt are being bagged together. Side note - Please bag all of your produce!

Now months later, you have unexplained symptoms, ladies it’s probably been diagnosed as early, peri, pre menopause or fibromyalgia and stress. Men, your diagnosis is stress, overworked, anxiety, or something that you have never experienced or heard of until now.

Others, you might see some weight gain because your hormones are now being affected by putting a substantial amount of alcohol into your body daily and you are literally poisoning your organs. Or it can be hair loss or skin dryness, redness, itchiness because your alcohol covered hands are touching all other parts of your body.

This is no joke! Poison comes in all forms because putting a substantial amount of anything on or ingesting it into your body is not what it is designed for. Legal and illegal drugs are addictive and have side effects. Alcohol is addictive and has side effects. MSG is addictive and has side effects. Overeating is addictive and has side effects. There are side effects to anything if you overindulge. Healthy or unhealthy.

The next time you think you are protecting yourself by slathering hand sanitizers that are alcohol rich, think again. Each pump helps to break down your immune system, one pump at a time and it takes years to recover from that type of breakdown.

It takes a few extra seconds to detour and wash your hands and rinse them off. Stop in the restroom, grab a paper towel, add water and soap to the towel and wipe your cart handle off. Then use a dry one to dry it off. Now if you don't want to make the trip to the restroom, I do know many friends who sell Norwex and their Enviro Cloth is hot diggity dog for killing the nastiest germs. If you need someone, shout out and I can introduce you to some fabulous Norwex friends.

Morale of the story.... Please protect yourself before it costs you years of doctor visits. I know this because I spent years trying to get a diagnosis and not only is it costly, it is time consuming trying to find the right doctors. I was fortunate and had doctors who listened and knew I wasn't crazy, but they were just as baffled for a long time. Removing hand sanitizer from my life, literally was the start to my health journey of getting well.

I want you to read one lady’s story and see the link for the hand sanitizer recall list in the comment.

Swie Hand Sanitizer Recall LIst 9/2020 (You will need to add your email to download a PDF of a long list)

Repost from Casey Joy on July 23.

So apparently I’ve been poisoning myself to death, using this hand sanitizer, been nauseas for weeks, had bloodwork yesterday and my doctor confirmed the results today that I have blood poisoning, my pancreas, stomach and liver are in jeopardy if I continue to use it, of course I won’t, but I’m posting this so NO ONE ELSE WILL SUFFER OR DIE!! I don’t think I’m gonna die, but my doctor is making me check in with her daily and have repetitive blood work, scary. It was purchased at Bj’s in Coventry and they did sent a letter out warning NOT to use it, but I was already sick so share this with whoever may need it