What is your journey in life?

This year is coming to an end and it is coming fast. Just a few days ago, I was wondering when I was going to find time to wrap the few gifts that will be for our family and bam, here we are with the gift wrap in the trash and the children happily planning where they will be using their gift cards.

Did you reflect last week on where you wanted to be at now? This week, the few days between Christmas and New Year’s? Did you plan your goals for January 1 or are you waiting until January 1? Some wonder what the hype is with goal planning, but I wonder how can you not be hyped up without goal planning.

Your journey should be simple. It doesn’t have to fill up an entire notepad in one sitting, but you want to ask yourself a few questions. Where are you now? Be clear on where you are and be truthful. Don’t make excuses for last year and start grandstanding your new year.

Where do you want to be? If you want to be an author, start today. Why wait until next year. Can you imagine if some of the greatest authors in history kept putting off writing their first book?

How do I get there? It begins with a plan. Not the plan you have in your head, but the steps that you need to put into action.

Your journey doesn’t have to make you famous, but your journey has to start. The road is narrow, but it does widen when you know your destination.