Unplanned Medical Leave and Small Business

Can your business survive a three-month unplanned medical leave?

I said it! Unplanned three-month medical leave and believe me, it was not something you can prepared for. Here’s the backstory, I preplanned a procedure that most people are able to return to work within two to six weeks. Resources were in place to allow working on some of the goals I had set on the back burner because I knew I would have limits on what I could return to immediately, including driving. By using a system that has been very effective for my planning strategies, I was prepared for a smooth transition and my goal was to be fully engaged no later than a few weeks without overextending myself. At least that is what my mind planned and my calendar reflected.

The real story is, that is not what happened! I survived a seriously unforgiving complication that literally stopped my perfect world for 12-weeks! Although each week, I would get stronger, but I was not strong enough to do what I needed to do to keep my business calendar fully engaged and booked with appointments. All of my goals that were preplanned were shattered simply because my body was unable to cooperate and I was not able to effectively make my business thrive in that 12-week crisis. The results actually were like splintered glass and really made me reflect on what I want for myself and for my family.

So how can you prevent suffering from thriving business to no business because of an unexpected illness?

  1. Go back to the basics and started with the tools that were working.

  2. Selected the events that would help you ease back into a consistent schedule.

  3. Don’t stop using your daily planner and schedule calls to help you keep business consistent.

  4. Limit the social media trap and put the phone away or delete an App if you seem to be spending more time scrolling and liking.

  5. Reconnect yourself on business sites, LinkedIn, local Chamber events.

  6. Ease into networking events.

  7. Make breakfast and lunch appointments to reengage with people.

  8. Attend workshops and informational events.

Bottom line is everyone needs income to survive and when you are in business for yourself, being prepared for no income is never planned. Start looking now at what you can do in the event you unprepared for the unexpected and ask yourself. Could your business survive a 12-week medical leave?

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