The Resilient Entrepreneur Summit 2020 Interview

Did you ever have something that you wanted to shout to the world, but was at a loss for getting it out there quickly? Social media was not generating the engagement you wanted or calling every contact on your list was not feasible because of the high number. Email was a way to help shout it out, but the ignore rate was more than you would like it to be. What was your solution?

For many small businesses, they have learned how to create an affiliate program to promote their service or product and it is a super-fast way to gain traction quickly to hundreds of email addresses that you may never see.

Today, I want to share with you one of the affiliates that I have had the pleasure of doing a Summit called The Resilient Entrepreneur by Shoestring Budget Marketer. During the launch of the series, I had left for my vacation and more than midway through the series I was returning and getting back into my groove of this crazy thing called life and a paycheck. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone needs a money to live, but staying connected to your outside life around the nine to five is just as important, but I missed sharing the daily interviews of my fellow Summit speakers.

I digress, a little over a month ago, I received an email about doing an interview about The Resilient Entrepreneur with Shoestring Budget Marketer. Sacha and Jenna put together this series as a fundraiser where all of the proceeds will go to the Operation Underground Railroad, also known as O.U.R., the organization that is helping to bring children home that have been victims of sex trafficking.

The Summit has been phenomenal! I have had the pleasure of listening to several of the interviews and I gained more than a golden nugget from each one. Each interview has been up for a few days and mine has been vaulted until the replays go live on September 17th & 18th and you can listen to all of them. I am super excited, especially since I missed some while I was on my vacation.

Make sure you add the 17th and 18th to your calendar and bookmark Shoestring Budget Marketer

A line up of the speakers are yours truly, Alayna Stiffer, Priya Florence Shah, Julie Keyes, Alaura O;Dell, Melitta Campbell, Janel Dyan, Teia Acker, Deb Gabor, Kelli-Rae Tamaki, Keishia White, Erin Gargan King and Debbie Millman. These speakers may not be your neighbors around your firepit, but they have some incredible nuggets to share about being resilient in these crazy pandemic days. And each one has a free gift offer for you too. You surely don’t want to leave behind something that can be a benefit to help you, do you? Tell me what you think when get a chance to listen to the Summit. I would love to hear your thoughts!