Supporting Family and Friends in Business

Tough subject! Do have a family member who works in direct sales, MLM, networking worker? Do you have a family member who works in corporate America? What about retail or works from home? Can you imagine how they are feeling knowing that their family and friends are not supporting their business? What if you were in the same position? It’s lonely in business especially when you have family and friends who know you are in business for yourself and need help. Perhaps the business or service does not suit your choices, but here are some things that you can do to help them.

  1. Refer them. It’s easy to say, my friend is now selling or working at…. If you or someone you know is looking for or needs, I can put you in contact with them.

  2. Shop for gifts with them. From gift certificates to products, I know you can think of someone who could use a gift of kindness.

  3. Treat yourself to a gift certificate. Even if you don’t love the product or service, treat yourself to a gift that says I want to support you. Everyone needs a last minute gift and it is easier to have one available, rather than running out to shop.

  4. Donate them. If you are in a business where you need donations, think about them before running to the retailer to purchase something.

  5. Don’t ignore their business and pretend it does not exist. Your family and friends are working hard and would like to hear they are doing a good job. Don’t expect someone else to be their cheerleader and root them on. Even if you cannot financially support them, encourage them.

Getting a little personal here, but my husband and children were my amazing supporters in my business, but both of our families pretended I didn’t have a business and didn’t want to know how much I loved being in business for myself and how hard I worked for the extras. The real moments of insults were always the same and as much as they tried to deflate me without intention, their words were not uplifting and I would leave them feeling unworthy. Being a solopreneur in any business is hard, but to not have support from the people that love you, leaves you empty.

Here are three things you can offer to them no matter what your position is to support family and friends in business.

  1. Choose to uplift and encourage.

  2. Offer support and ask how you can help them with ideas.

  3. Believe in them