Straight or Narrow

Some people have drive to go straight to the top, some people are content with halfway and some people wonder why they are in the same place.

I am definitely a straight to the top person. I want to see how far I can go and usually don’t give up until I am there. I want to know how I can get better, excel and add to my knowledge and connect with people while doing what I love.

It not for the awards or recognition, but for the inner challenge of doing something more and learning all that I can learn.

I love teaching others how to do the same and never let an obstacle be a deal breaker. I want to see people walk across the stage of their company and see their name shining bright on the big screen. It is their Hollywood moment of being rewarded for working hard and being committed to not giving up when it gets hard. It does not have to be #1, it can be #10 if that is who your company recognizes.

Let me ask you a question.

Where are you sitting right now in your mind while you are reading this? Are you going to the top, meeting yourself midway or content with where you are and going with the ups and downs of business wishing someone would bring you the golden ticket to success?

I never thought I would hear myself saying, I love coaching and mentoring, because those two words were vacant from my vocabulary seven years ago. I told my friend, who is a coach, “I am not a coach and I don’t want to be coached.” She snickered under her breath and held a stoic face and nodded her head yes as a smile broke free. She encouraged me, slowly over weeks of “un-coaching” me while she was practicing her new role as a coach. We bantered and chatted and 💥, louder than a roaring train, I realized her coaching method was uncovering my talents that I was failing to see. But I wouldn’t grab the word coach, I adopted the word mentor. Seven years later I am a coach, a mentor, a friend and a believer that you can be anywhere you want to be, but it starts with you breaking free of yesterday’s goal and setting a new goal today to be one moment closer to what you believe you want. Don’t stop trying and repeating the same mundane dance. Add a little more pep in your step and watch you hold your shoulders up a little straighter, stand a little taller and be prepared to wear your crown of success that you have worked hard for.

It’s okay to want to be better and take a momentary break to catch your breath. But don’t let today’s hours stop you from conquering the coming hours. You have unlimited capacity to be who you want to be and once you stop expecting others to get you there, you will see that you did it without their help. Our drive is inside of us, but we have to actually take the wheel and drive forward.

As my friend says, I don’t know your story, but if this speaks to you, it’s because something inside of you wants more. You need to let go of the no, look for the yes and steam forward ahead. Be the roaring train that takes you places that you never thought you be.

You may not want your Hollywood moment, but imagine what could be in store for you if you change your mindset and see the world from a new perspective.