Smelling My Roses

A few weeks ago I started to work outside of my home office and headed back to corporate America. I am still coaching part time, but I had set a financial goal a few months ago because I wanted to do some aggressive consolidating so my husband and I can enjoy or future and live a dream we have been talking about for a few years. I knew when I owned the title that I was a business coach; I also knew my career choice was not going to meet that goal without draining me or my family emotionally.

My first step was finding a good fit for where I wanted to work. I knew in my coaching practice that I could cover three of the four tracks of business growth and my weakest one was the financial track because I never had an interest or a need to worry about the financial track, especially since I was not expected to work outside of my home because my husband is an excellent family provider.

But I had never put a goal on where I wanted to work, I just knew my time has come for me to return to an office. I have loved being a business owner and have 22 years of entrepreneurship. I still consider myself a business owner because I am still coaching, teaching, training and learning every single day. But even though I have changed my daytime to a corporate paycheck, it does not mean that I am no longer seeking to improve my mind daily.

Here is what I have learned about myself in the past week months.

  • I still love serving people with something new every day.

  • I have a gift that I have hidden for many years because I was so focused on business, I forgot to stop and really smell some beautiful roses.

  • I enjoy engaging with a generation who is forgotten or hidden because they have reached a certain age.

  • I really want to get to know people and their stories. More importantly I want to hear their stories with love in my heart to listen because they have some true golden nuggets in what they are sharing.

Coaching will always deep inside me because I truly love helping others to learn how to serve themselves and I don’t think I could ever walk away from what I truly love doing, nor is that the direction that I am heading. Networking and coaching will always be two of my favorite passions. I know coaching is not a career I can retire from, but I can retire from a place that brings me joy every single day I am there and I am learning a new trade at the same time which is the fourth track of my business. Financial wellness for entrepreneurs.

My business partner and I take time every week to learn something new and work on goals we are setting for major league results. My lesson I learned when I stepped out of my comfort zone and said yes to a 8 to 5 was exactly what I needed and I get to do something I truly love and that is slow down and enjoy the conversations. Truly, I have reached my desired goal. To stay home with my children while they were school aged into adulthood. My youngest was 18 in August and I started my new vision just a few days later after enjoying time with my family and grandchildren. That beautiful rose is recognizing when you have really worked towards a long term goal and reaping the rewards of it all.