Rise Up and Be Who You are Called to Be

What did you think you are called to do In Your life? What is your purpose, you vision? Are you pausing or running the answers through your mind? For some, they have already discovered who they are and their purpose, but more often than not, people stop and have a blank look on their face. There seems to be a magic number for people when they realize they want more than what they have today. But they also plateau and are not sure where they want to start. For some, they seek a career change, others, they happily bounced along where they are and know they are living their dreams and for the rest of us, we stop, start, start, stop and repeat as we try to find meaning again.

I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do in my senior year of high school. I wanted to be a secretary and I was so passionate about it that I feel in head first. The school that shared their program reeled me in hook, line and sinker. I was going to do it and my passion was going to be a legal secretary. I was sold! Every day I dreamt about going to business school to became a helper to someone else. I pursued it with such a passion that I wasn't willing to listen to anyone else say anything negative about my dream. Fortunately the Internet was an option otherwise I would have also discovered that what I was pursuing was not enough. It was a nine month program with a certificate at the end of the program that I met the simple requirements of being able to type 55 words per minute on an electric typewriter. I'm sure there was another requirement, but that escapes me. I also recall an attendance policy, which I was failing in because of some personal reasons and at the end. 11 days before graduation and my piece of paper, I walked away from it all. Why? Because life had another purpose for me and it was to be the person I had to be, not the person I wanted to be.

When you are facing a new beginning, you have to make choices and honestly, those choices are hard. From choosing a new career to buying a new home to purchasing your first car. No matter what choice you are making there are going to be long term results and behaviors that are going to affect your outcome and decisions.

Today I want you to think about what choices you really have. Are you excited to arise and get ready for your job. Does it bring you true joy and peace. Are you shining with enthusiasm that everyone wants the coffee the you are drinking or are you waking up with a sinking feeling of a repeat of last week.

If that sinking feeling wins, then you have a great calling and destination to give more. Reach out to me and let's set up a time or Zoom call to see how you can change your world.