Projects for Net Worth

Do you have projects that you want to complete but they are still sitting in the same notebook as last year? You don’t want to abandon them because they are good ideas, but you don’t want to devote the time to them because they will take up too much of your free time. How do you redirect your net worth for the projects that can help you have a better focus on your desired destiny?

1. Set aside 30 minutes at least two times a week to work on the specific project that you want to complete.

2. Remove distractions, phone, computer, social media, and ignore your surroundings. Give it your undivided attention.

3. If you find that you are unable to remove yourself, move out. Go to the Library, find a lobby, coffee shop, deli and plug in. If you need a cozy fireplace to work by, find a restaurant and have a working lunch by the fireplace. If you need quiet time, find a park, gazebo, or someplace that makes you happy.

4. Prepare yourself to be intentional. Mentally or visually, see your completed project. Give it a price and a title with a launch date. Start with the end in the mind.

5. In advance, have your celebration planned on the day that it is complete. How will you reward yourself for completing your net worth project?

These five simple steps can help you embrace your project and add value to the final production. Don’t let a piece of paper hold you back from completing something you desire to pursue. If it is only written on paper and no action has been taken, it has no net worth until completed.