Procrastinating Choices

Everyone has a choice. Even when you think the choice is limited or causes you to procrastinate. Most people procrastinate and there are a number of reason that causes procrastination.

  1. What If Procrastinator A. The What If Procrastinator usually is driven by fear. What if I do it wrong? What if no one likes it? What if, I can’t do it? What if? Many excuses and when you are an what if procrastinator, you are feared by people will think of you. Stop fearing what they will think because you are the expert at what you are doing and no one will be just you.

  2. Poor Scheduling Procrastinator A. The Poor Scheduling Procrastinator forgot to plan it in their daily schedule. They knew that it needed to be done, but never wrote it down to be reminded during their workday. As soon as you know your project, write it down in your appointment book and plan the time to complete it. If you are a start to finish person, make sure you block enough time for breaks in between and devote your time to it.

  3. Presenter Procrastinator A. The Presenter Procrastinator plays the last minute game. Presentation is done, you are confident and you are ready to rock and roll and the day before you do a complete rewrite of your presentation because you rolled that rock with a different idea. What can you do different. Write an outline of your audience, who you are presenting to and why you presenting. By doing this, your shift will complete the presentation. Most Presenter Procrastinators are writing from their perspective first, then rewrite for the audience.

There are many more types of procrastinators in this world and that is what makes people so unique. You won’t ever find the same speech word for word written blindly or the same training identical in a meeting. There will always be a unique spin who it is being presented to. The key is recognizing your audience and what they will take away. Once you recognize your procrastinator power, you have the power to change it.