Not Your Parents Toastmasters

We are not your parent’s Toastmasters club! Toastmasters has changed and helps people of all ages learn the art of public speaking. Motivational speaking is the most common type of speaking that a new speaker desires to become and becoming a motivational speaker is not hard, but learning the sequence of speaking can be where some motivational speakers cling to Toastmasters model.

A motivational speaker can usually recognize the cues of their audience to draw in their full attention, but keeping them engaged can be the challenge. The first paragraph may grab them, but can the following paragraphs keep them? Body language is how a motivational speaker knows if their audience is captivated or bored, but knowing how to read your audience can be a challenge when you are on the stage and you cannot read their faces, only see the actions of their body movements.

Some of the essentials of a motivational speaker are their story. They need to be credible, dynamic, funny, engaging, confident and a great story teller with truth. It has to be experience driven, not a made up story of how someone else was successful. It has to be your truth. Toastmasters offer a captive audience to help you become a better speaker. We meet on the first and third Tuesday at 6:30-8pm at the Community Center. For more information, email