It’s Only A Number

Isn’t it crazy how a number on the scale tricks our mind?

Nearly every morning I step on the scale with my first wake up between 5:30-6:30 and usually climb back into bed until 6:50-7. Once I convince myself that I cannot stay in bed a moment longer, I step on it again. Don’t ask why I do this, I just have been this way as long as I can remember. Anyways this morning, I did my usual and I was impressed. I was down 2 lbs from yesterday and climbed back into bed and felt empowered to try on my next size down jeans. I imagined all of the food I ate yesterday and said it must be because I added some calories and protein to my plate. But I knew my water intake was on the low side

Feeling skinnier and excited that I was a few pounds from my ultimate goal weight, I woke up at 7 and lightly skipped to the room to dig into the too small Jean wardrobe and picked out a pair that looked like I could wear them today. Tossed them in the dryer to de-wrinkle and sashayed to the bathroom and stepped onto my magic scale again to see that wonderful number. Behold it was 3 lbs lighter. Well that was odd because the top was I wearing the first time I stepped on my scale was certainly not 3 lbs. Must be time for a new battery. Then I realized that scale may not be flat and the carpet may be holding the right weight hostage. Stepped back on and it was 14 lbs heavier, stepped again and 11 lbs heavier and up 7 lbs from yesterday’s morning weight. Again, same weight.

I realized how a number on the scale really defined how I felt about myself and made me feel empowered that I could feel myself putting on the smaller sized jeans, which did not make it pass my thighs.

I needed to shrug my shoulders, put on the jeans I planned on wearing before I saw the scale number and move on. But I am still feeling fantastic because a year ago, these jeans did not fit me and they were in the same too small Jean wardrobe box for many years. I pulled them out in December.

Don’t give up trying and believing that you can do this. It is hard but every day you are winning regardless of the number that shows up on your scale.