Healthy Living and Eating in Business

One of the purposes of my business is to help others with not only their business goals, but the healthy side of being in business. When you are in business or working outside of your home, it can become burdensome to plan healthy meals throughout the week and stay on track with being healthy especially when your co workers are ordering out and bringing in sweet treats that are truly good. What makes it harder to deny is when you don’t allow yourself to enjoy those treats at home, you want to indulge at work.

Here are some quick tools for helping you to stay healthy for you and it can help you stay focused for clarity on your health and wellness so you can be the most productive in your business.

  • Look for high protein foods to burn and fuel your body every morning. Greek Yogurt, eggs, fish, Collagen, cheese.

  • Drink water and start your day with water. Without water, your body will shrivel up on the inside as it looks for moisture to keep the inside healthy.

  • Snack should be small and simple. Not equivalent to a full meal

  • Eat whole foods. Foods that are processed can cause brain fog and when you have brain fog, your mind isn’t thinking clearly.

  • Hit the sheets before 11pm and really get a good night of sleep. If you are not a sleeper and a night owl, start with 15 minutes earlier until your body learns how to slow down. It really isn’t that hard especially when your body is learning the new concept of living.

When you are waking up tired, exhausted, little energy and yawning at 3 pm, your body is telling you it is unhappy and unhealthy. It takes time to change and help your body adjust to the new you, but this is your only body that you have and if you have to spend time using it for helping others see the best of your brain, feed it right.

A healthy body can save your life and when you have a healthy body and give it the health it needs, it will serve you well.