Dust To Salvation by Alayna Stiffler

Sometimes we need to go through a lot of pain and suffering before we can see clearly how much we need God and His help and gifts. It is an excruciating process but worth it when He’s at our right side!

“I have never regretted my past life because I have learned something new every day. It is my gift from God.” My story, Protected in the Wilderness, is in my latest book Dust to Salvation that is being released on March 29, 2020.

My story is about how I was able to brave single Motherhood after being married to an addict, experience difficulties while trying to provide for my son and my feeble attempt to keep afloat in my life while trying to fit in. Even though the journey was hard, I never lost focus on believing that God was always providing for us, even when I didn't understand how to follow and serve Him in my days in my wilderness.

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