Decisions Goals for 12 Months

The New Year comes in with a bang and by now you have plunged forward with your goals and some are rolling right along and others were a dud. You either forgot to implement the duds or mastered the ones you were comfortable with. Am I right? You know yes is on the tip of your tongue, but you really want to say, you’re wrong.

Anyways, what you are doing now can impact the next 12 months if you continue on the goal setting growth trends that you are motivated to work on. Keep growing and consistently right down the results of what you are accomplishing.

Now what about the duds? Were they really dud goal setters? Or are they goals that are not inspired at the right time? Look at them again. As yourself, what inspired you to write those goals down and what stopped you from pursing them?

Most times, when you have written goals that have not been started, these are the goals that you want, but don’t know where to start. Are you missing a key ingredient? Break down what is missing and create it, especially if it is something that you cannot find on the internet or something you can buy. My big ingredient is finding the tool or resource that matches what I need to make it happen. I can search for hours on Amazon for the right resource or scour the internet for examples and still can’t find what I am looking for. As a result, I lose motivation because what I want to accomplish gets puts away until the next year because I can’t find what I want to help me get started. Even something as simple as a blog. I have been written this on my annual plan to write one for years, but I was not passionate about it and I could never pinpoint what I wanted to write about.

How was I able to overcome this? I found a questionnaire that I converted into topics to help me get started. My two year dud goal has now shifted into a growth goal that won’t fall flat every month. What’s your dud goal that you need help with? Let’s talk and figure out what will help you to make you goal shift that is holding you back from results.