Claim It or Superpower It

Actually, I am not a name it and claim it kind of girl. I am a want it and go get it entrepreneur. Living in community of people who believe they can do anything they put their mind is my superpower. Every day when I wake up, my feet hit the floor and I am powered up with energy of what my day is going to bring. I don’t necessarily know what the plan is or how I will get to the end of day with some serious accomplishments, but what I do know, the only pause that will hold me back are my own pauses of pushing the slow button to not finish the race.

My mindset is seriously out of the box and if you are surprised, so was I. But recently I had an assessment to prove what my true mindset is. This unusual assessment was different than any assessment I have ever had. When I received my final results, my advisor said that I am only one of two people who have ever taken this assessment and 100% equally balanced. I tried to shoo it off, but she wasn’t having it because it was on paper. She reminded me to OWN it and take my WOW moment. I seriously felt like the advisor had some inside secrets about me that I haven’t shared with anyone. She knew exactly what was holding me back and where I was while I was moving forward. If I had tried to white lie on any word in the conversation, she could have seriously call me on it. There was proof in writing who I am and my words were truth. I have a pause, but I also have a play and when they play button is pushed, I am racing hard.

My true want is to always love people, helping them, serving them, and especially watching them walk the path to the road and then see them driving up the hills and rolling in the valleys. But when they hit the mountain, they are taking detours to clean up, rest and rejuvenate. Then, they reevaluate their journey, sit and polish a rock, climb a little higher, get stronger, wiser and reflect. Their superpower is developing and they are working hard to get their niche.

Who wants to name it and claim it and let others do the work for them? Certainly not me! I want to own my journey and go through the trials to get there. When you let someone else do the work for you to reap the rewards, you are truly missing the joy of watching you create your gift.

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