Change and Save

Congratulations to all of the business owners who have stepped into the year charging and changing. Since, this is your year of change and you should begin to experience many new emotions that come with change. Some will be minimal and there will be others that will monumental, but the greatest changes will be the ones that you will learn from.

A great milestone you may experience is actually writing yourself a paycheck. No matter what the amount, there is a feeling of accomplishment and it brings emotions of freedom and you feel rich. Than life changes and the hardest are the ones you cannot control especially cost of living expenses. From groceries to gasoline onto daily expenses that are survival necessary and you are not given a choice of whether to use or lose.

Here are a few tips on how to make the most of the income you have and create the beginning of good savings habits.

1. Save your coins. A popular favorite is a polar water jug. Each day, drop your coins into the jug and watch it grow. Believe it or not, your saved change can be the fun money for a future event.

2. Change your spending. Pick a dollar denomination and create a place that you can put your dollars out of sight from everyone. Once a year, do something special with bills you have collected and you will be surprised at how much you can save.

Small changes can become bigger than you would have expected and I had to experience it for myself. In one year, saving all of my loose change and $5 bills amounted to more than $700 towards a family vacation and it was a nice surprise for our family.