Bounty in the Harvest

Do you know that authenticity is related to your brand? Harvesting your brand begins with the seed that you plant for when it sprouts and grows, the tiny seed will produce the results you were rooting in your harvest.

When you learn how to properly plant the seed, you will reap rewards with a fruitful bounty. It is the same when you are meeting people, you want them to know you and only you. Your name should be the one that passes their lips when someone asks for a referral that is about your business. How do you develop relationships that are fruitful.

  1. Build the relationship. The relationship is the most important seed you can plant because it is the one that will take root. When you are seeding and rooting, you are creating a strong root.

  2. Discover answers by asking questions. You are building the stalk of the plant by asking questions. The longer the stalk, the greater the strength but that requires you to listen because they are sharing what they want you to know. This is probably the most powerful part of the growth. You are creating different sprouts off of the roots as learn more about the person and connecting them with people who would be able to genuinely use their service.

  3. Create the introduction. Once the stalk has formed and grown the leave, it is when the pods and buds start to bloom and produce the bounty. This is where you are gardening and keeping the weeds at bay and maintaining keeping your relationships alive.

Watering is just as important as the bloom. Look for the opportunities to introduce people and give them an opportunity to get to know your friends and business relationships. Eventually word travels fast that you are a great connector and eventually everyone will believe you are the greatest connector in the town.

Now it is time to savor the flavors or rewards of what you have strived for. Built a relationship from a seed that has bloomed into a profitable business referral for someone you value. Ultimately the key is to be authentic in all that you do. Your reputation is at stake when you are not and all it takes is one mistake for everything to uproot and rebuilding from the beginning is hard.

Be a valuable resource to people you meet along the way, because value is the best referral you can have in business.