Are you organizing your paperclips?

Do you have a goal that you really want to accomplish? Doesn’t have to be a big goal, but one that you have been putting off? Maybe you are spending too much time organizing your paperclips and missing the rewards of the big goals because you have too many little pieces to organize.

Goals have a tendency to pile up month after month and then they are slid under the box when they are not adding immediate profits. But many are really spending too much time organizing their paperclips, then wondering why their checkbook has a balance less than $20. Goals setting is designed to create a path of incoming producing activities for long term financial rewards. The action steps may start, but if are they at a snail’s pace with a jack rabbit expectation, where are the results? When you are organizing paperclips, you are looking at the small stuff too closely.

Sometimes I want to suggest to people to record themselves as they are talking about their latest client who was referred and listen to what they are really saying. I really appreciate your referral, but your client was difficult, they didn’t return my phone calls, I tried to help them, but the paperwork wasn’t in order. This is where you start organizing your paperclips. You spend so much time focusing on the small things, that you miss the big rewards of what your client is receiving. Joy. Happiness. Some thing new that can call their own. You reached one of your goals, but instead of enjoying the learning experience, you organized your paperclips to hold the complaints of the process. When you toss the paperclips in the box, your tunnel vision will see more of what they received instead of how hard it was to close the deal.

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