​What are you feeding your body everyday?

  • Does your food have flavor?

  • When is the last time you really tasted your food?

  • Is your grocery bill higher than your budget?

  • Has Covid-19 added 19lb to your scale?

  • Is the dryer shrinking your clothes?

  • Are you convinced your battery needs changed in your scale?


Did you answer yes to at least one of these questions?

As a business owner, it can be challenging learning how to eat the right foods for your body and at the right times.  We become overwhelmed with being the boss, the employee, the marketer, the advertiser, the planner, the phone answerer and the go-to guru of our business.

Eating healthy does not have to be a hard when you have the right tools and resources in your toolbox.  

As a certified Nutrition Coach, I am really committed to helping business owners learn the secrets to healthy eating and saving money while doing it.  When you sit with me, you will begin to understand why eating healthy is important not only to your body, but to your family too.  There can be hidden intolerance in your body that you are not aware and you can be very affected by foods that you are eating.

Eating organically will change how you taste your food and you will appreciate how much money you can save by adding organic food to your plate.  

I use to spend over $1000 to $1200 a month feeding a family of five and now I spend about $300 a month with a family of three.  Believe me, the other two were not eating that much more food, I just learned how to shop better and now I buy way less than I use too because I changed my mindset.

Want to hear some funny stories?


When it is cooler outside, there is always a reason to make soup and use up the extra veggies that didn't get used during the week.  So I picked up a rotisserie chicken and decided to make bone broth and use the leftover chicken in the soup.  Our organic selection in our town is very slim, so I added some veggies that were not organic and tossed in some seasonings.  A quick taste of the broth revealed it needed more flavor so I added two containers of a brand name chicken broth that was not organic because the store doesn't carry organic broth.  This particular day, my family told me me it is one of the worse meals I have made because it didn't have any flavor.   

Everytime I make something that is not organic, my family tells me how awful the meal is.  I really fight to snicker because this is when my hubby thinks that everything is organic in the meal and uses the organic word as an excuse not to like it.  A good organic cooking wife never shares all of her secrets.


One of my friends listened to a speech I was giving about eating organically and decided to give it a try.  A few weeks later, we were having lunch and she said to me that she decided to try organic strawberries and she has a flavor explosion in her mouth.  She thought her taste buds had quit working because she thinks she is old, but now she eats most of her foods organically because she loves the taste of her foods and has lost weight.  The best part is she is enjoying eating and cooking again. Karen

One of my clients was eating very specific foods for her body, but she was run down and lacking energy all of the time.  It was the healthiest program she had found, but after running an hair analysis allergy test on her, we found there were several foods she was still eating that had ingredients that she was not able to tolerate.  After a shopping trip to show her the right foods to eat and eliminate some of the foods that she thought were healthy for her, she stopped in to see me one day and said her life is much better and she has a lot more energy. Often she thinks about our shopping trip and how it changed her life. Sue


These stories could be your stories as you make the transition from processed and tasteless foods to healthy foods that have flavors.


Isn't it time that you started to focus on your health and what you are eating.  When you in business for yourself, you would not want your clients to feel they are not receiving the best of you.  When you are neglecting your body with the right foods, you are neglecting others because of the consequences of not eating right or drinking beverages that are not healthy for you body.  Hey that diet soda and bag of chips is really not considered a healthy meal. 


Here is the most common list of ailments from eating chemically laden foods.


  • Brain fog

  • Fatigue

  • Weight Gain

  • Lack of Energy

  • Restless Sleep

  • Bloating

Let's chat and get a simple menu plan that will help you get back on track. 



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