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Dust to Salvation 

Seven lovely ladies have come together to share their stories of love, sadness, redemption and pain that have changed their lives from relying on themselves to falling in love with Jesus and knowing only He could carry their burdens and shame.  

The Beauty In My Mess Vol 2 - Coauthor

Over twenty influential women come together to tell a small piece of their autobiography that had a profound impact on how they loved, learned and lived over the years. Within these pages, the authors have poured their hearts and souls into their story by unveiling a time in their life where they had to find the deep inner strength, faith, and determination to see the beauty in their mess. They are stories of pain, healing, perseverance, and victory that will inspire and motivate all who read. They are their stories for HIS glory!

Driven - CoAuthor

Women all across the world have come together to share their knowledge, joys and pains of business, love, parenting, self-care, goal setting, finances and more. This guidebook leaves no stone unturned to help you find your will to reach greater heights. You’ll be ready to stop giving room to excuses and instead you’ll be ready to push forward in your dreams and truly crush your goals.

Out of My Comfort Zone - CoAuthor

Out of My Comfort Zone features profiles from remarkable women of all backgrounds and places in life. Explore stories from business coaches, a publishing consultant, professional life-style bloggers, a marketing strategist, and educators from across the globe. Each of these rising entrepreneurs offers valuable insight on the struggles, challenges and life-changing moments that brought them success and personal satisfaction.

Loyalty in Business - Should I Remain Loyal or Try A New Business?

Business: Networking • Published: February 9, 2017

Everyday you have to sell yourself, to a new client, former client or even a neighbor. Reconnecting with a former business associate without jumping ship on your current business relationship can be challenging. Ask yourself, what you can do to help them connect and would the connection be a valuable connection for both of you.


Planning Your Professional Meeting

Business • Published: September 17, 2014

Monday morning always seems to be the dreaded day of the week especially after you have enjoyed the weekend with family and friends, the start to a routine is not always inviting. Tasks left over from the prior week are generally the priority that needs to be attended to first. Unfortunately, the one you expected to be the easiest turns out to be the most challenging especially if you have been asked to find a meeting room that is available for the date you need, affordable, within a budget and clean...

The True Value of Free in Business

Business • Published: September 10, 2014

Finding quality meeting rooms that are affordable can be hard. Keeping good quality clients can be tougher if you are meeting them in the free venues. In a nutshell, free isn't always free and it could be costing you and your company valuable business.