Who is the Ideal Client?

A.D.S. Coaching & Mentoring seeks people who are focused on personal and professional branding, seeks stronger referral business relationships, evolve in leadership recognition and seeking harmony in personal and business daily routines.  Ideally, I work with leaders in their business, high goal setters and generally focused in direct sales, network marketing or small business. 

My coaching clients have acquired the leadership position and are obeying their internal policies and procedures to stay within the company requirements and ready to solidify their foundation that promotes profit, growth and revenue. They are ready to fine tune the solutions as their organization continues to increase.

  • They desire to work with their team and have healthy boundaries.

  • They want to establish a leadership team that has substantial business growth and excels in leadership.

My ideal mentoring clients are stuck and are have tried the suggestions that people have offered, but find they are not helping and are looking to change to focus more on removing the obstacles that are hindering them or finding ways to overcome the obstacles that are excuses for them. 

They desire to have people recognize them as a business owner who is taking their business seriously and strive for the goals that others tell them are unrealistic. 

  • They want to strengthen their friendships and share their business passion without compromising one or the other. 

  • My clients work is continuously changing because they need short term results for the long term solutions.


If any of these resonate with you are and what you believe you are struggling with, I want to spend time with you. Contact me for a consultation.

Tel: 540-370-0000

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