Dust to Salvation: Stories of Grace, Love, and Redemption in the Midst of Jesus Revealing Unexpected Miracles 

Millions of women are hurting every day. Marriages are in pain, depression comes and attacks the mind, body, and spirit. Emptiness fills our hearts when we think we are not good enough for our spouses, children, and friends. Soon our life that once seemed so happy is filled with hopeless thoughts and negativity.


Seven women are sharing their innermost secrets of failed relationships, health scares, infertility, and single parenting and we have been brought together with one common bond. The undying love of Jesus Christ and how our lives are filled with hope for the future.Independently, we discovered through prayer and unexpected friendships there was life beyond the brokenness that enveloped our hearts.


Dust to Salvation was personally written for you because we remember the pebble that you may have in your shoe and how it is hurting you today.Grab your favorite coffee, tea or beverage of choice, put your cozy socks on, lift up your feet, wrap yourself in a soft blanket and have your tissues nearby and prepare yourself for stories that will fill you with laughter or remembrance, that you are never alone.


The relationship is with you and the Holy Spirit when you are ready to receive and embrace His love for you in your heart.


For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes,  Romans 1:16


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