Dust to Salvation: Stories of Grace, Love, and Redemption in the Midst of Jesus Revealing Unexpected Miracles 


Millions of women are hurting every day. Marriages are in pain, depression comes and attacks the mind, body, and spirit. Emptiness fills our hearts when we think we are not good enough for our spouses, children, and friends. Soon our life that once seemed so happy is filled with hopeless thoughts and negativity.


Seven women are sharing their innermost secrets of failed relationships, health scares, infertility, and single parenting and we have been brought together with one common bond. The undying love of Jesus Christ and how our lives are filled with hope for the future.Independently, we discovered through prayer and unexpected friendships there was life beyond the brokenness that enveloped our hearts.


Dust to Salvation was personally written for you because we remember the pebble that you may have in your shoe and how it is hurting you today.Grab your favorite coffee, tea or beverage of choice, put your cozy socks on, lift up your feet, wrap yourself in a soft blanket and have your tissues nearby and prepare yourself for stories that will fill you with laughter or remembrance, that you are never alone.

The relationship is with you and the Holy Spirit when you are ready to receive and embrace His love for you in your heart.


For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes,  Romans 1:16

Amazon Review

"I read "Protected in My Wilderness" by Alayna Stiffler. She was raised by a loving and protective family. She knew she needed a connection to God and sought it on her own. However, the lack of education concerning teen/adult situations resulted in a real life that thrust her in to the adult world at a very young age. There is no doubt she fought with all she had to protect her son and matured quickly to become the responsible adult. Ridding herself of the bad influences and moving forward helped improve her situations, but the love and trust of her family along with a connection to God is what she needed to feel at peace. Her resilience shines through in her story. Well Done."


Out of My Comfort Zone - CoAuthor

Out of My Comfort Zone features profiles from remarkable women of all backgrounds and places in life. Explore stories from business coaches, a publishing consultant, professional life-style bloggers, a marketing strategist, and educators from across the globe.


Each of these rising entrepreneurs offers valuable insight on the struggles, challenges and life-changing moments that brought them success and personal satisfaction.

Amazon Reviews

"Amazing stories. Following Kayla through her choice to become an entrepreneur and follow her dream is exhilarating and encouraging. Seeing how she made the decision, set the goal, and followed through gives me hope that my goals too can be achieved. Fear can be paralyzing and Kayla pushed through! Great read!"

"I enjoyed reading the stories in this book. The entrepreneurs shared their struggles and triumphs and I think that it's important for other aspiring entrepreneurs to read about their journeys. It's helpful that there is shared information about how they got started in their businesses. I will keep this book as a great reference to how these entrepreneurs conquered success and their inspiration to grow.


Driven - CoAuthor

Women all across the world have come together to share their knowledge, joys and pains of business, love, parenting, self-care, goal setting, finances and more.


This guidebook leaves no stone unturned to help you find your will to reach greater heights. You’ll be ready to stop giving room to excuses and instead you’ll be ready to push forward in your dreams and truly crush your goals.

Amazon Reviews

"This book is filled with love, trauma, resilience and ultimately TRIUMPH! These women stories will captivate your heart with gut wrenching life lessons! Once you pick up this book, you will not want to put it down!"

"Driven essentially provides you with a year’s worth of life coaching sessions in one book. I absolutely love the practical tips and exercises woven throughout the real life stories told by the authors. It’s refreshing and rejuvenating for anyone who has ever doubted themselves or their gifts. I guarantee that if you read with an open mind and receive what is written with an open heart, your life will be all the better for it."

The Beauty In My Mess Vol 2.jpg

The Beauty In My Mess Vol 2 - Coauthor

Over twenty influential women come together to tell a small piece of their autobiography that had a profound impact on how they loved, learned and lived over the years.


Within these pages, the authors have poured their hearts and souls into their story by unveiling a time in their life where they had to find the deep inner strength, faith, and determination to see the beauty in their mess.


They are stories of pain, healing, perseverance, and victory that will inspire and motivate all who read. They are their stories for HIS glory!

Amazon Review

This book is equal parts honest, inspirational, and amazing. I used to think that I was more or less alone in the things that I went through. This book reminds me that I am NOT alone, and that there is a wonderful beauty in this mess we call life. If you need a pick me up, or some inspiration on a less than perfect day, this book is what you need.