I never saw my story being authored.  My role as a Coach, as a Mentor.  Business school did not prepare me to be a business person.

I had a dream to be a Secretary, begin with business school and the dream to help others.  I wanted to be the behind-the-scenes girl that made the boss look like an expert, be a superhero, hold their head high with perfection, and I wanted to be the one who was responsible for their success.  


It had nothing to do with me, but all to help someone else.  I didn’t recognize that was the beginning of who I was to become as an adult.  


My secretarial skills were impressive enough to land me my first full-time job simply because I could center a line on a page using a typewriter.  My new bosses were impressed and I was a teenager who thought this was common knowledge to everyone who used a typewriter. 

Fast forward to my life in 1996, I married and relocated to Virginia while my husband was serving in the Armed Forces.  My son was in his last year of high school and I wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom with our daughters.  When our youngest daughter was born, I decided to revisit Direct Sales instead of remaining a personal shopper and see if it was a fit for our lifestyle and set a small goal to have extra income, engage in adult conversation that did not involve stuffed animals and Barney, the purple dinosaur. In the beginning, I was having fun.  I was meeting ladies in the neighborhood and found that we had more in common than I had imagined.  Our spouses were traveling, deployed and we were essentially on the same agenda with raising children and balancing the home life.  Little did I know that I would find a passion in my fun little job that was giving me a few extra dollars to spend and I would make new friends along the way. My passion grew as my business grew.  I knew that I made the right choice to become a Direct Sales Consultant for the second time in my life.  

My memories reverted back to my original desire to help others and this really enhanced my business as I learned that I wanted to give exceptional customer service and educate individuals on the benefits of direct sales. As my business grew, the challenges grew.  Home Based Business Owners and Direct Sales Consultants have multiple challenges that are different from Corporate environments particularly the lack of available meeting venues, resources and tools to easily build and train successful teams that are affordable. 


Thus, this was the beginning of my dream which opened the forum for questions about being a direct sales consultant and eventually, I was being asked to help other direct sales consultants with their business ideas. From there was the birth of my coaching and mentoring career and it has evolved.  I became a Certified Business & Leadership Coach & Mentor, a DISC Human Behavior Specialist and Certified Nutrition Coach.

My WHY has changed over the years from direct sales to coaching, but my vision remains the same.  I want to empower people to believe in themselves, to be independent and financially supportive in their home while their children are living their childhood dreams. Coaching and Direct Sales has allowed me to grow in leadership, reward my family with financial growth and honor my gift to serve others.  

My coaching vision allows me to genuinely care about helping a person overcome their fears of direct sales and meeting people. Finding out what they are truly passionate about and helping them to come outside of the boxes that they see as obstacles


With my husband, Dave, we live in Locust Grove, Virginia. We have four children and five grandchildren.  Together our family is passing down generations of entrepreneurship and it came to be because we believed.   

Tel: 540-370-0000

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