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I never saw my story being authored.  My role as a Coach, as a Mentor.  Business school did not prepare me to be a business person.

I had a dream to be a Secretary, begin with business school and the dream to help others.  I wanted to be the behind-the-scenes girl that made the boss look like an expert, be a superhero, hold their head high with perfection, and I wanted to be the one who was responsible for their success.  It had nothing to do with me, but all to help someone else.  I didn’t recognize that was the beginning of who I was to become as an adult.  


My secretarial skills were impressive enough to land me my first full-time job simply because I could center a line on a page using a typewriter.  My new bosses were impressed and I was just the teenager who thought this was common knowledge to everyone who used a typewriter. read more

Alayna Stiffler

Published Articles

Loyalty in Business - Should I Remain Loyal or Try A New Business?

Business: Networking • Published: February 9, 2017

Everyday you have to sell yourself, to a new client, former client or even a neighbor. Reconnecting with a former business associate without jumping ship on your current business relationship can be challenging. Ask yourself, what you can do to help them connect and would the connection be a valuable connection for both of you.

Quicksand and the Election Results

News and Society: Politics • Published: January 20, 2017

Did you hear the news and root your feet in the grass feeling like you were sinking in quicksand? The words hit all cultures when the announcement was made of who is the new President of the United States of America. Friendship does not need to suffer because people differ in their vote, but everyone has lost something at the end of the election.

Planning Your Professional Meeting

Business • Published: September 17, 2014

Monday morning always seems to be the dreaded day of the week especially after you have enjoyed the weekend with family and friends, the start to a routine is not always inviting. Tasks left over from the prior week are generally the priority that needs to be attended to first. Unfortunately, the one you expected to be the easiest turns out to be the most challenging especially if you have been asked to find a meeting room that is available for the date you need, affordable, within a budget and clean...

The True Value of Free in Business

Business • Published: September 10, 2014

Finding quality meeting rooms that are affordable can be hard. Keeping good quality clients can be tougher if you are meeting them in the free venues. In a nutshell, free isn't always free and it could be costing you and your company valuable business.